Do you plan to include Implied volatility Rank in web based versions..

Do you plan to include Implied Volatility Rank in web version or desktop version.  Also any plan on mobile app..

I saw the OA web version. It is looking awesome.  It would be great if we can get the info on IV Rank in the web version..


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Thanks for writing to us.

Yes we have a plan to implement your requirement in the Web version only. Hereafter all enhancements will only be done in web version.

Regarding mobile app, our web version is compatible to mobile and tab views. however, we are yet to decide for developing mobile app.





Answered on May 9, 2017.
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Guys… would like to see the HV Rank against the current IV so that we can pick the right strategy !!

Please do work on the HV calculation . I know that the bonus declaration etc will be troublesome but it will be the key to making the application a premium feature.  Subscribers will be able to pick the right strategy by comparing the HV and IV.


Cheers… do let us know.. Thanks.. Andy

Answered on May 15, 2017.
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